Welcome to House Pet Grooming and Trainer

Welcome to House Pet Grooming and Trainer

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Your Groomer and Trainer

Hi! My name is Dinayda Garcia. I'm a Certified Groomer and Trainer in the City of New York. My certification is from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Animal Care and Handling Techniques.



      Package Deals:

includes: Haircut, Bath, Nails, Ears & Teeth

  • Small Dogs up to 20lbs: $55.00
  • Median Dogs up to 30lbs: 65.00
  • Large Dogs (over 31lbs): $70.00 plus
  • Cats: $85.00  


Additional Add-On Services:

  • Anal Glands: $10.00
  • Nail Clipping & Buffing: $20.00
  • Dematting: $10.00 (per hour)
  • Hand Stripping: $80.00
  • Standard Poodle: $80.00
  • Cat Nails: $25.00    
  • Massage: $30.00 (per 1/2 hour)

(Great for Older Dog Circulation

*U.S Veterans and disabled get 10% off*

Giving Back! House Pet Grooming and Trainer gives proceeds from grooming to feed sheltered pets.

(We speak English & Spanish*)

(*cash only*)



Training | Boarding | Business Hours

Training: $100.00 a day from a certified NYS Department of Health Animal Care Trainer and Groomer.

Boarding: $25.00 per day.    


Business Hours:

Monday              7am - 7pm

Tuesday              7am - 7pm

Wednesday        7am - 7pm

Thursday            7am - 7pm

Friday                 7am - 7pm

Saturday            7am - 7pm

Sunday               7am - 7pm


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House Pet Grooming and Trainer

1233 Boston Road, Bronx, New York 10456, United States

(347) 552-7354

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